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Almighty Dollar $$

joeybagadonutz sings his heart out

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Siddiq Smith & Blam Lord present Blammers N Vogues

Cities Aviv - Drank Up All The Clouds Gorgeous Children - Grassnlean Dreams Khalil Nova - Auto SHMX - Interlude Point Blank - Bitch Said I Raped Her Scarface - No Tears Notorious BIG - Suicidal Thoughts Koopsta Knicca - Judgement Nite DJ Paul & Lord Infamous - Tryna Run Game Evil Pimp - Makin My Own Graveyard Dylan Ross - When You Make Me Click Blam Lord - Nihilistic Sortahuman - Almighty Dollar AJ Suede - Torture Porn Awesome J Da Deathsnake - Increase My High

screwed up blowin my mind

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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BONES-LIVING LEGEND 1. ChopperCity [Prod. by Koursky Lion] 2. HeartBreakKid [Prod. by The Messiah] 3. KreepinInThaKut (Feat. Na$ty Matt) [Prod. by Na$ty Matt] 4. Murals [Prod. by Eric Dingus] 5. Manson [Prod. by [ÏÑDRĘD~ČØŁD]] 6. Breathe (Feat. Pouya) [Prod. by Zona] 7. Slums [Prod. by FVSH] 8. Daytons [Prod. by DJ Smokey & Mr Sisco] 9. Rain [Prod. by TWOS] 10. Cremation (Feat. GXLDSLVGS) [Prod. by Jayyeah] 11. Statues [Prod. by Na$ty Matt] 12. StainedGlass [Prod. by Eric Dingus] 13. Blast (Feat. Supa) [Prod. by The Messiah] 14. Porcelain [Prod. by Eric Dingus] 15. Coffin [Prod. by Trikk Beatz] 16. Cutlass [Prod. by DJ Smokey & Mr Sisco & Blvck Ghost] 17. TrenchoatMafia (Feat. Black Kray) [Prod. by Jayyeah] 18. Velvet [Prod. by Tyesi God] 19. WineCellar [Prod. by Blvck Ghost] 20. TheSeshLounge [Prod. by Phedee] 21. ShawnHunter [Prod. by Kiko Merley] 22. Alleyway [Prod. by Mr Sisco] 23. Aspirin [Prod. by SpacedTime] 24. Tears [Prod. by Vegard Veslelia] 25. (BONUS) TeenageDemon [Prod. by Vegard Veslelia]