Saturday, May 29, 2010

Screwed Up

watching trees


Мишка Presents Blessure Grave: Wasted Time Mix
1) Abwarts – “Beim Erstenmal Tut’s Immer Weh”
2) Iron Curtain – “Shadow”
3) Gothic Archies – “Abandoned Castle of My Soul”
4) Joy of Life – “Standing”
5) Carmody – “Messengers of Love”
6) Asylum Party – “Before The Smile”
7) Eleven Pond – “Watching Trees”
8) The Gentry – “The Threat”
9) Grauzone – “Hinder Den Ber”
10) Repetition – “The Still Reflex”
11) Screamers – “122 Hours of Fear”


Side A:
1. oOoOO - Cold
2. SLEEP ∞ OVER - Your World Is Night
3. TERMINAL TWILIGHT - The Fire Of Love (Fire Mix)
4. S U R V I V E - Chem Trails

Side B:
1. oOoOO - NoShore
2. SLEEP ∞ OVER - Come Wander With Me
4. S U R V I V E - Omniverse
DL thnx

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yal Get Wasted ...We Get Blowd

Betta Half/Yung Tatt/DJ AMES presents THE LUNITOONZ International Edition(2010)

These are my homies and they got some straight heat. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!!!!!

Humans heart Bars

Monday, May 24, 2010

So Hi

French Montana-Mac n Cheese 2(2010)

1. Intro
2. Whatcha Know About It feat. Corte Ellis
3. Day Dreamin’
4. In My Life
5. My Brother (Skit)
6. Maybach Music feat. Jay-Z
7. Money Money Money
8. So High feat. Curren$y
9. I’m On It feat. Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hussle & Big Sean
10. NY Minute Remix feat. Jadakiss, Ma$e & Nicki Minaj
11. She Love It feat. Masspike Miles
12. Rocsi Reynolds (Skit)
13. We Don’t Wanna feat. Max B
14. Buy The Whole Thing feat. OJ Da Juiceman
15. In The Paint feat. Waka Flocka
16. Bad Habits feat. Bun B [Video]
17. Juuuu Heard

Down Time

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Come Check Us OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Betta Half
-Yung Tat
-Sorta Human (Supa aka ur truly aka me aka solley n Snax)
-Neighborhood Music

Monday, May 17, 2010


We opening for BettHalf this Friday at Benchwarmer. Huntsville Al on University. Come Holatus!!!!! LOONEYTOONS Big Thangs coming

This Is Cool!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fly So High

Trouble Andrew-Trouble Gang mixtape(2010) erebody from ninjasonik, to lil jon, spitta and stunnaman, to jackie chains on here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



bright light on the dark side of town

Shabazz Palaces-lp1

Track Listing:

  1. kill white t, parable of the nigga who barrels stay hot, made by hardkings@freecasino.blk
  2. 4 shadows”noah mission as told by plcr dougie frum up the block from granny’s Subsonic custom crowns
  3. 32 leaves dipped in blackness making clouds forming altered carbon
  4. blastit at the homie rayzer’s charm lake plateau bbq july at outpalace pk
  5. Capital 5, recorded after hrs at the gun ballad resource cntr on s Sweeper st.
  6. my mac yawns i go on to make this darksparkles move call it: as the americans say, middle section made by plcr runner reg on his 30′ chromitar
  7. a mess, the booth soaks in palacian musk, palaceer in vintage LRG, yes pure NS,uppowndet watermelon lips beat

Monday, May 10, 2010


sleigh bells-treats(2010)

01 Tell 'Em
02 Kids
03 Riot Rhythm
04 Infinity Guitars
05 Run the Heart
06 Rachel
07 Rill Rill
08 Crown On the Ground
09 Straight A's
10 A/B Machines
11 Treats

i'm mad HOT!!!!!!!

The Dead Weather-Sea of Cowards(2010)
I'm Maaadddd hahahaha

eXorcism of the hippies

Mater Susperia Vision-CD-R(2010)

Call of the Witches
eXorcism of the hippies
Foreign Affair (Master Suspiria Mndfck RMX)
House of the 7 Witches
Paparazzi (MSV Ghost Drone Edit)
Pictures in the Dark (Ghost Drone RMX)
Rising of the Acid Witches (Ghost Drone Edit of Love is a Battlefield)
Seduction of the Armageddon Witches
Sleepwalking (Master Suspiria Day-X RMX)
The Afterlife (hypnagogic remix)
The Witch House of Hansel and Gretel

I'm So Broke

Puttin in Twork


Young Jeezy-Trap or Die 2 (2010)

One of my Favs of All Time

Neutral Milk Hotel-In the AeroPlane over The Sea(1998)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prada Body Bag

Charles Hamilton-The Binge Vol. 3(2010)

OOO This is dope!!

elite gymnastics-real friends(2010) via


White Ring-Self Titled(2010) Pure Dope shouts to
Myspace !!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Smoke Sumthn

Salem-Raver Stay Wif Me mix(2010) I posted at my old site b4 webshriff took me down..bastards.
no tracklist but dont matter

Sunday, May 2, 2010



Home Town last year mix but goodie....shout outs to BettaHalf!!!

Huntsville Alabama Pt. 2 – The Return (Welcome Home Big P.O.P.E.)
Mixed Live From SM5 by Rob Breezy for Southern Hospitality

1. ‘Speed Of Sound’ – G-Side
2. ‘Throwed’ – Untamed feat. B Dewitt
3. ‘Eazy’ – G-Mane
4. ‘Da Woodz (Bama Remix)’ – Cole Boyz feat. Bama!
5. ‘Keyshia Cole’ – Paper Route Gangstaz
6. ‘That Lite’ – Untamed feat. Mr. Marcellus
7. ‘Let Me Grind’ – Hood Headlinerz
8. ‘100′ – X.O. feat. Mali Boi and CeeCee
9. ‘Hit Da Block’ – G-Side feat. Shyft
10. ‘Relax’ – Betta Half
11. ‘Born, Bred, Built’ – Money Addict
12. ‘Feel The’ – G-Side
13. ‘M2Z’ – Cole Boyz
14. ‘Think It Over’ – Mr. Marcellus feat. ST
15. ‘Boomerang’ – CP
16. ‘My Promise’ – Dawgy Baggz
17. ‘A Day Off’ – 6 Tre G
18. ‘Pop N Mo’ – Dennis The Menace

Throwback gems:
19. ‘Rock N Roll’ – South P.A.W. feat. CP
20. ‘Pray’ – G-Side feat. Big P.O.P.E.

lol kenny west and cleveland killt it


White Ring/oOoOO Split(2010)
Thnx been waitin on this one
WRMyspace oOoOO !!

Work Hard Short Life

Star Eyes & Dust La Rock-Ov Curse

ggd all day

The Way Things Work: The-Dream Fans Vs. Gang Gang Dance Fans

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