Sunday, January 30, 2011

SortaHuman Swag

Me(Supa) and my homie Joeybagadonuts made a song with MLK
sampled on MLK Day.
Supa(1/2 SortaHuman) and Joeybagadonuts-MLK

Lady Bee - Smoke One

based and rare

gOth bb

Dark Allies

Light Asylum-In Tension EP(2010)



presents INVOC▲TION

1 oOoOO - Burnout Eyes
2 Salem - Skullcrush
3 Tobacco - Melted Hitchiker
4 White Ring - Roses
5 Baths - Nordic Laurel
6 Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
7 Neon Indian - Mind, Drips
8 Chilly Willy - The Wizardsof Aww Yeahhhs
9 Namine - Spacific Ocean
10 Light Pollution - Magic Kingdoms kick my Teeth In
11 Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)
12 These New Puritans - Hologram (Salem)
13 Tearist - Headless
14 Fostercare - Cold Light
16 Raw Moans - Drunk Dial
17 GuMMy†Be▲R! - Arizona Lights 97
18 †‡† - KVLTSTEP
19 M△S▴C△RA - Slow 5th Try
20 ▲ - Pyramid

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beavis n Butthead Swag

Blaqstarr ft. MIA-Lemme Hump you:Let me hump you.flv

Dead Love

The Soft Moon-The Soft Moon(2010)Captured Tracks
Buy ...



Friday, January 21, 2011

Tundra Dubs

Tundra Dubs are steady on the rise in the witch house electronic world. Patriot Hills is a wintery/ chilled out electronic joyride with a witch house feel to it. I personally think it's dope and everything else on their BandCamp .Check it out and buy all their stuff, for the low low, like 2 dollars or something.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Me(Supa) and my homie Joeybagadonuts made a song with MLK
sampled on MLK Day.
Supa(1/2 SortaHuman) and Joeybagadonuts-MLK

Mix I made last year

This mix says it all bout 2010....
Bloodshot(Supa n Bubba) Mix Bloodshot4(Blood is Hot....Who Are We?)(2010)
1.DB49-Birthday Song
2.Yung Clova-Wait a Minute(produced by Yung Clova)
3Smoke Dza.The Secret (feat. Big K.R.I.T.) (prod. Ski Beatz)
4.iTaltEk-strangelove and 5.Babel
6.PRGz-Stop , Go (produced by Diplo)
7.PoPo-Bummer Summer
9.Telephoned-Rude Boy
10.White Ring-Roses
11.Rick Ross-I'm Not A Star
12.Supamane of SortaHuman aka me and Roy Antonio of BettaHalf-She Can Get It !!!!
13.Curren$y and French Montana-So High
15.Lynard Skynard-That Smell Dragged and Smoked out lol
16.Trouble Andrew ft. Jackie Chain, Hollywood Holt, Telli- Fly So Hi
17.YelaWolf and Gucci Mane-Just Wanna Party
18.Game and Waka-Get Em
19.Cosmetics-Black Leather
20.Rob Roy-White Shoes
21.Lil Jon-Every Freakin Night
22.Salem-sip it cut SALEM from 8:*)
23.Blackbird Blackbird-Happy High Fukd Up!!


Me(Supa) and my homie Joeybagadonuts made a song with MLK
sampled on MLK Day.
Supa(1/2 SortaHuman) and Joeybagadonuts-MLK

SNOOP & WIZ a.k.a CHEECH & CHONG "THAT GOOD" Official Music Video .m4v

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Chelsea Wolfe-The Grime and the Glow(2010)

Heart Ache

Jesu-Heart Ache and Deththroned(2010)

lighthouse lighthouse



Melvins- Houdini(1993)

Belus' Doed


Society is a Hole

Bout to start posting a lot of my favorites!!!!!
Sonic Youth-Bad Moon Rising(1985)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stunnaman "Roll Up" NEW


Ninjasonik-When Anxiety Attacks(2011)

  1. AKIntro
  2. NinjaPerogative Ft. Bobby Brown (Produced by: Roofeeo & Ninelives The Cat)
  3. SuperPower (Roofeeo Remix)
  4. PartyPooper Ft. SB, NineLives The Cat & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
  5. MollyRingwald (Produced by: Ducksauce)
  6. WeDontGiveaFuck Ft. Trouble Andrew, Johnny Nelson & NineLives The Cat (Produced by: Diplo x O. Children x Roofeeo)
  7. AkMurdaSaysYourMomGotAKrushOnMe
  8. OMG Ft. Lil B (Produced by: Roofeeo Ft. Dj Teenwolf)
  9. FuckYouRemix
  10. PleaseHangUp Ft. Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
  11. PartyTimeExcellent Ft. Hollywood Holt & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
  12. AkMurdaSaysFullTimeJob
  13. Pharmacy Ft. Ease da man, Members Only & Johnny Nelson (Produced by: Roofeeo)
  14. AkMurdaSaysImMalcolmX
  15. BornFreeRemix Ft. M.I.A, Johnny Nelson & Starcity (Produced by: M.I.A & Switch)
  16. Global Ft. Spank Rock (Produced by: Dj Hoff)
  17. FuckOutTheWay (Produced by: Roofeeo)
  18. AkMurdaSaysNinjacard
  19. BloodyMary Ft. Starcity (Produced by: Roofeeo & DJ Teenwolf)
  20. InternetBitchRemix ft. Spank Rock & johnny Nelson (by: DJ Teenwolf)
  21. DoDoDo Ft. Randy Beerz (Produced by: Roofeeo and Ninelives The Cat)
  22. WeDontGiveaFuckZap!Pow!Die!Remix (Produced by: Zap! Pow! Die!)
  23. BarsReligionRemix (Produced by: Religion)
  24. AkOutro

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Acid Queen

1.11.11 Killing Spree CYP2 w/ Pictureplane + Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape by Check Yo Ponytail

1. Gatekeeper - Visions
2. Major Problem - Acid Queen
3. Tense - Lead Head
4. Soft Metals - Voices
5. Cosmetics / Premier Rang - Black Leather Gloves (Premier Rang/ Cosmetics Remake)
6. Twice a Man - Decay
7. D/R/U/G/S - Love (Love/Lust)
8. Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue
9. Infam - I Won't Loose My Faith
10. White Ring - roses
11. Seen links Schlösser rechts - Gute Freunde
12. S U R V I V E - Omniverse

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Next Flight


Mata-Countdown to the 100 Day Theory(2011)
1. Pic Em Up [Prod. By DJ Burn One]
2. Run out Feat. Gunt [Prod. By Scorp Dezel]
3. Grind Feat. 6 Tre G [Prod. By Marco Blayze]
4. I’m Local Feat. Gunt, Kain, Boy Wonda and Mic Strange [Prod. By Nick Rio]
5. I’m Arrogant [Prod. By Majik Marsh]
6. Bitch Feat. Majik Marsh [Prod. By Meechie]
7. Get Ya Weight Up Feat. Jackie Chain
8. Da Whole Bar [Prod. By Johnny Juliano]
9. Heavily [Prod. By DJ Burn One]
10. Swag Flu Feat. Dawgy Baggz [Prod. By Scorp Dezel]
11. I’m Diffirant [Prod. By Naughty Boy Productions]
12. Colors [Prod. By Primetime]
13. Stoned Feat. Jhi Ali [Prod. By Block Beattaz]
14. I Don’t Know Yet [Prod. By Block Beattaz]
15. Hey Girl Feat. Jhi Ali [Prod. By S.O.V]
16. On Time [Prod. By Jay Cee]
17. Tony Montana Feat. Dawgy Baggz and Gunt
18. Stay Gone [Prod. By DJ Burn One]
19. Sayonara [Prod. By S.O.V.]

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fifths of Drank


Party Everyday

Memberz Only-
This is only a Mixtape(2011)


Just received this in my inbox.. Pigeon Mort-Time to Forget Lastnight. Pretty dope and has a lot of naked debauchery and fingers down throat. Like behind the scenes to a shady porno.Check it out!! Images from "Ett Hål i Mitt Hjärta")Prolly won't last long on Youtube though.

Saturday, January 1, 2011