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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

R.U.O.K. by Recycled Sounds

featuring Prof., Sativa High, Tenny Whyte, SortaHuman, Michael Prochilo


featuring Sortahuman!!!!!,Himself the Majestic, Yung Yadi, Western Tink, Soz Chaote, Blackberry, Temolja, Feezio, Bill Ding, and Lakutis!!!! 1. (prod. by Kira & Cane Sugar) 2. (prod. by Black Tim) 3. (prod. by Terio) 4. (prod. by Bill Ding) 5. (prod. by Terio) 6. (prod. by BSBD) 7. (prod. by Blown) 8. (prod. by Black Tim) 9. (prod. by Necedah) 10. (prod. by Sxmplelife) 11. (prod. by Do$age) 12. (prod. by Party Trash) 13. (prod. by Black Tim) 14. (prod. by Nattymari) 15. (prod. by Bill Ding)